Shawn Michaels Entrance

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This week Adam and Bryon tackle a woman’s drunken tirade in a breakfast food establishment, before discussing some crazy lady’s approach to changing diapers. Later in the show, a special guest makes an appearance and then after a little while the show ends, and we play our outro music and just start sucking each other off, because who the fuck is really reading this!? I’m only doing it for the SEO and I BARELY know what that is!  

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Intro Song: “Kingdom in the Clouds”

Written by Adam Boutilier

Performed by Chris Layes and Adam Boutilier

Guitarist: Chris Layes

Clapping: Chris Layes

Outro music: “EHAP Outro 2018”

Created by Adam Boutilier using Logic Pro.

This weeks 100th Chris Pick:

Soul Stripper by Prima Dona

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Ground Beef


This week Bryon is finally back from vacation! The guys discuss a porn study on tits vs. ass, squash a podcast beef, and make some announcements. 

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Terms of Endearment, motherfucker!

This week Bryon and Adam are sit down with the one and only Emily Prokop of 'The Story Behind' podcast.  The trio discuss trivia, introversion, and naming babies.  You can find Emily's podcast 'The Story Behind' on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, TuneIn, and the Google Play Store, or through her website  Every week Emily gives you the extraordinary history behind the ordinary.  

Naw' Harr Worker

In this episode Bryon and Adam discuss North Korean work camps, the LGBTQIA, the GOP shooting, and McGregor vs. Mayweather.  Adam also fires some shots at One Word, GO! for some recent drama.

Bee House

This week Bryon and Adam talk about a hot new reality show, Dungeons and Dragons, campers, and the beginning of a podcast war.

Leith of Vaultry

Adam gets stuck at work and Chris is left to fill in.  Chris and Bryon sit down with Vautry lead singer, Leith.  Vaultry is an Alt Rock band based out of Victoria, British Columbia.  You can check out their latest album 'Eulogy' at  The album is also available on iTunes and Google Play.  Be sure to check out their website for upcoming tour dates across Canada as well as merchandise and band information.  You can follow the band on Twitter @vaultymusic as well as on Instagram @vaultry.