Tennessee Waltz

Baby Funiture Shoes

This week Adam, Bryon, and Chris come into the show with their genitals flaccid, droopy, and unseemly. If you were to judge the state of their health based solely off of the appearance of their genitals, you could easily assume that all three of them have the flu (or some similar virus). Their ball bags are all very heavy, and have easily doubled in size, hanging much lower (and looser) than usual. Everything is just hot and stuck together.  In the second half of the show, the guys come back and something has changed drastically. Their once pathetic looking sex organs are now fully ripened, and stand in a turgid display of confidence. There’s a springy virile strength to their fully erect cocks. If you were to hold a hand a couple inches off of the tops of their genitalia, you would feel heat radiating off of them from the increased blood flow. This stays true for the remainder of the episode.

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Intro Song: “Kingdom in the Clouds”

Written by Adam Boutilier

Performed by Chris Layes and Adam Boutilier

Guitarist: Chris Layes

Clapping: Chris Layes

Outro music: “EHAP Outro 2018”

Created by Adam Boutilier using Logic Pro.

This weeks Chris Pick:

Tennessee Waltz (Live) by Sam Cooke

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