Naw' Harr Worker

In this episode Bryon and Adam discuss North Korean work camps, the LGBTQIA, the GOP shooting, and McGregor vs. Mayweather.  Adam also fires some shots at One Word, GO! for some recent drama.

Everyone Has A Podcast LIVE

This week we bring you not one but TWO episodes! The first episode is a re-cut of our first ever LIVE streaming show! We have Chris in studio to play two acoustic songs, and we talk about round walls, freedom, and amazing cold process soaps!

Bee House

This week Bryon and Adam talk about a hot new reality show, Dungeons and Dragons, campers, and the beginning of a podcast war.

Overthrowing Monarchies

This week Bryon and Adam discuss Nuclear subs, The Beatles, and interview Tom Fellows of Fellows Paper Shredders.

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Nobody does that!

Bryon and Adam are joined by Mat of the two time award winning, One Word GO! Show.  We discuss the fact that you can find Mat's show at  We also talk about being stranded in a desert verses the open seas. We discuss all of the events of the week, and also talk about messing around with strangers.