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This week Adam is pretty sure that Bryon is dead. Rather than tracking Bryon down, Adam does the podcast solo, in hopes that Bryon’s big body will turn up, preferably alive. Adam talks about a bunff of stumpf. Skrrrrt, brap, pop, popple, woppa, woop, yeet, yeet, YEET, YEET! Brrdddd. I’m a brrrrrrrrd! Hahaha. Fuck this description. Seriously! I’ve given up caring about it, or anything. I’m just starting to phone all of this in… Let’s really be honest here. I want to just quit this life (not in that way) I want to just hunt for treasure with people I barely know, on a boat. Hitting the high seas, y’know? Hunting for whatever. Treasure, maybe a sea monster…who knows. I’d get tatted up, and eat food with just a knife, also I’d have an eye patch. Also, a sword. Whatever the fuck a scimitar is… Yeah, I’d have two of ‘em! And I’d be fair, but if you fucked with me or my crew, I’d cut you to ribbons. 

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Intro Song: “Kingdom in the Clouds”

Written by Adam Boutilier

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This weeks Song Pick:

The Way It Is by Nicole Atkins

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