Everyone Has A Podcast

Welcome to our website.  You can listen to all of our archived episodes here, although the built in media played is about as responsive as someone receiving an actual phone call in 2017.  We are a comedy podcast that discusses today's current events, while avoiding the stuff that gets beaten into the ground by the other five zillion podcasts listed under 'Comedy'.  The comedic approach of this show comes naturally from Adam's inability to be serious, balanced against Bryon's natural "straight man" vibe.  We hope you enjoy the show!

Leith of Vaultry

Adam gets stuck at work and Chris is left to fill in.  Chris and Bryon sit down with Vautry lead singer, Leith.  Vaultry is an Alt Rock band based out of Victoria, British Columbia.  You can check out their latest album 'Eulogy' at vaultry.bandcamp.com.  The album is also available on iTunes and Google Play.  Be sure to check out their website www.vaultrymusic.ca for upcoming tour dates across Canada as well as merchandise and band information.  You can follow the band on Twitter @vaultymusic as well as on Instagram @vaultry.