Everyone Has A Podcast

Welcome to our website.  You can listen to all of our archived episodes here, although the built in media played is about as responsive as someone receiving an actual phone call in 2017.  We are a comedy podcast that discusses today's current events, while avoiding the stuff that gets beaten into the ground by the other five zillion podcasts listed under 'Comedy'.  The comedic approach of this show comes naturally from Adam's inability to be serious, balanced against Bryon's natural "straight man" vibe.  We hope you enjoy the show!

Everyone Has A PodFEST 2016

Bryon and Adam sit down and play you some of the greatest podcasts out there.  This star-studded event showcases podcasts from across the world.  This PodFEST features the Paint it Black Podcast, Classy Little Podcast, The Highly Recommended Show, Gareth's Random Ramblings, Lost at Home Podcast, Now That I'm Older, The Just John Podcast, Epic Film Guys, The Countdown Podcast, and Rick and Paul Heal the World! Find all of these great shows, and many, many, more by searching #PodernFamily on Twitter.  Find the shows featured in this episode by clicking the respective links below!  No matter which side of the mic you're on, Everyone Has A Podcast.  -Bryon and Adam

Paint it Black Podcast: pibcomics.com

Classy Little Podcast: classylittlepodcast.com

Highly Recommended Show: highlyrecommendedshow.com

Rick and Paul Heal The World: rickandpaulhealtheworld.com

Now That I'm Older: nowthatimolder.com

The Lost At Home Podcast: lostathomepodcast.com

The Countdown Podcast: thecountdownmoviesandtv.podomatic.com

Epic Film Guys: epicfilmguys.podbean.com

Gareth's Random Ramblings: garethsrandomramblings.space

Just John Podcast: justjohnpodcast.com