Hey, how are ya? Hope your year is off to a great start. Here at Everyone Has A Podcast, we’ve decided to take a few much needed weeks off to recharge the batts (batteries). In my estimation, we had a very successful 2017, (y’know…the year of death and volcano-y horror…yeah, that one). I personally felt that the show grew in a many areas that were in need of improvement. I understand more now about audio than I ever have, and I feel like the show is really finding its rhythm. That’s not to say that weren’t a few bad episodes. The weekly schedule left us with quite a few instances where we were recording three or more episodes within the span of five days, and in many of those instances it made for less than desirable product. I really enjoy being able to put out content every week, but I think in the future we are going to have a much smoother recording schedule, and will not succumb to cramming episodes out, for the sake of a schedule. It will be of great benefit to the show to take a week off if needed, to allow the show (and us) to breathe. 

So why was I writing this? Oh, yeah. Right! If you follow any of our social media accounts, you might notice a pretty drastic change in our artwork. There are many reasons that I have decided to rebrand the show. One of those reasons is simply by virtue that it actually changes how I see “EHAP”. I think its important to switch gears whenever something begins to feel stagnant. And in many ways EHAP has felt very stagnant for me. The new coat of paint has been great for my vision of the podcasts future.

Back a few years ago, we made a similar change when we adopted the “No matter which side of the mic you’re on” mantra. It felt right, and it served to reignite my passion for the show. Going forward I know the ‘Black Cloud’ vision will do the same. I am excited to take the show to new depths, and really explore some new areas. What you can expect to see is a more focused show. One that really looks at society thinks and delves into todays issues, without taking ourselves too seriously. 

Another change: No more sponsors! We tried it for a while and I’ve decided I don’t like it. Doing ad reads was a great way to ‘tick a box’ in podcasting, but the fact is, the copy is dry, and the products are boring. I don’t like the show opening with ads, and I cringe at the thought of segueing into another product read. It’s just not for me, or the show. The benefits don’t outweigh the negative aspects. (So bye, Felicia). There may come a day (or not), when a better deal floats our way, and I might take another look things, but for now I’m happy to just focus on our show. 

So, some things are changing, but much is staying the same. You can still look forward to the ‘Chris Pick’ segment. Actually, we’re really going to try to involve listeners in the weekly song picks. Do you know of a song or band, that you think more people should be aware of? Send it our way through any of our social media, and we’ll add it to the list if we really dig it! This goes for any indy bands out there as well. We really love bringing great music to new ears, and want to continue doing so in future. 

If you’ve taken the time to read this, or if you’ve never listened to us before, I want to take the time to thank you. Both myself and Bryon are excited to bring you a ton of new content in 2018. I would also like to extend one great big thanks to anyone who has been a regular listener up to this point. We look forward to your feedback and continued engagement. Here’s to a promising 2018.

Heeee-yaaaaghhhhh (Battle noise)