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Head Vs. Wall: Round 673

Hello. It’s been a while.

I figured now is a good time to share some recent feelings on podcasting.  Usually when I write one of these posts its for some inner existential crisis, where I slowly point myself back toward some drawing board.  This time it’s not that, or anything similar.  

Our show has existed for over two years now—easily the longest running project I have ever worked on.  There have been times where I’ve felt that we were in charge of our own destinies, and others when I have felt as if we were a row boat in the middle of a swelling ocean.  As a “content creator” it is very easy to have your mood altered by a lull in interaction.  I am certain that any YouTuber’s, artists, or musicians also feel this from time to time.  For the most part we all put forth our best effort to grow a fan base.  Some weeks it feels futile, while others feel almost electric.  So what is it?  Are we all just too needy?  Are we all just hungry little ewe’s blindly suckling toward some teat of validation?

Kind of… (Speaking for myself)

The truth is—and I have said this before—it’s a tough market these days.  All forms of entertainment are so readily available in such great abundance.  We are living amongst the most “plugged-in” generation that has ever existed.  Success is all around us.  We have all seen people crash-land into the lime-light, simply to be forgotten within mere days.  Everyday, someone else is becoming a viral hit.  I think that skews our view of what it takes to “make it”.  It feels so easy.  So easy, in fact that when it doesn’t happen for us, it’s feels almost frustrating.  

Until very recently, my metric for gauging success was based solely off of our own RSS feed analytics.  (Forget understanding how those work, I barely understand the sentence itself).  I have written about metrics before, and their innate ability to cause feelings of both accomplishment and failure.  What I have recently discovered is that they have no physical affect on a show whatsoever.  I used to keep pretty close tabs on our numbers for a very specific reason.  I had a goal in mind.  The way I figured it, was if our numbers reached a goal of X downloads per month, we would be shoe-ins to start monetizing the show.  The truth is, advertisers care very little about these arbitrary, mysterious, and entirely inaccurate numbers.  It’s not about graphs, and pie charts, its about influence!  How many people do you interact with.  Can you garner both attention and support for your program?  Yes, all of this sounds like the heading for some dog shit entrepreneurial podcast network, where for a fee they will teach you how to, teach people how to, teach people how to….and on and on and on.  

The point I am trying to make, is that simplicity is always key.  In the beginning we fought tooth and nail to grab peoples attention.  I remember thinking how great it would be to have just one listener who I had never met. Just ONE stranger, who gave us a shot!  Those times were incredibly exciting!  So what happened?  (Queue complacency).

What happened was, after so long, I began to feel like if we had even a small audience, the rest would run itself.  Word of mouth would spread like wildfire.  Unfortunately, the word spread more like cold peanut butter.  (I’ll do a write up on maniacs who refrigerate peanut butter, some other time..).

My point was, that we let up…  We took for granted…  Looked gift horses in mouths… Counted chickens… all of it.  So now its back to the drawing board….oh, fuck.  I lied, I guess.  

It’s nothing revolutionary, just good old fashion elbow grease.  We’re hitting the campaign trail once more, and we’re looking forward to reaching out to people and having a far more interactive feel to our show.  If you already listen you’ll know I go back and forth, on exactly what it is I want from EHAP.  The simple answer is FUN!  I want it to be fun, and the more the merrier.  I will end this thing with a list of people who both Bryon and I thank for all the support thus far.

Thanks to:

Theresa from Tampa
Brad from Ontario
Garrett from BLAB
Daniel from Toe On the Trigger
Nick from Epic Film Guys
Mat from One Word Go!
Emily from The Story Behind
Kevin from Vermont
Eric from Calgary
John from Vancouver
Kristy from Victoria
Mike from The Mike Jolitz Show
Ray from The Naked Porch

And anyone else we have missed, or who has ever checked us out, and kept it on the DL.