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Hello human who is reading this.  We welcome you to join us this year for our first ever NFL ELIMINATOR POOL.  It's so big and exciting that I used all-caps.  So you're probably asking yourself "what did I accidentally click to get on this site?  This was supposed to be a top 10 celebrity nip slips article".  Well, it's not, sorry.  It's an invitation to possibly win a free mystery thing.  Let me explain how easy this pool is.


Effective the week of Monday, September 5th, participants will be asked to submit a pick for a winning team of games being played that week. This includes Thursday, Sunday, and Monday night games. You will simply pick ONE team to WIN their respective matchup.  The following weeks will use the same format, although you will not be able to pick the same team twice for the remainder of the NFL REGULAR SEASON.  You will continue to pick a team each week until you select a team that does NOT win.  At this point you are ELIMINATED from the pool.  Individuals who pick winning teams will move onto next weeks game until everyone is eliminated.  The person who lasts the longest without picking a game that results in a loss will be considered the WINNER, and will receive a MYSTERY PRIZE.  In the result of everyone being ELIMINATED at the same time, the decision will be based on the lowest score deficit overall (meaning if your team loses by 1 point, and someone else's team loses by 3 points, you would be crowned the WINNER).  In the unlikely event that 2 or more contestants pick the same losing team, the 2 or more players will move into the next week, until someone eventually stands as the sole victor.  In the highly, highly, HIGHLY, unlikely chance that 2 or more people make it to the NFL PLAYOFFS, the remaining teams will be reset, and you will again be able to pick previously selected teams from the REGULAR SEASON.   In the impossibly unlikely event that 2 or more people make it to the Super Bowl, you will be urged to go and buy a lottery ticket, because you are some of the luckiest son's of bitches on the planet earth.  

Each week on the podcast we will name those who are advancing, and those who have been ELIMINATED from the pool.

To get in on the action email us at ehappodcast@gmail.com with the subject line "ELIMINATOR pool" and be sure to leave your name.  A public Google Drive Document will be made available for you to submit your pick each week.  A failure to submit a pick will result in ELIMINATION from the contest.  Weekly pick deadlines will be the midnight of every WEDNESDAY at midnight to ensure all picks are submitted in time before the THURSDAY NIGHT GAME of each week.  For further information on contest rules, email us your questions at the above mentioned email address OR ask us on Twitter @ehappodcast Thanks for your involvement or interest.  See you at KICKOFF!