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Find out what is going on with us at any given time.  All podcast related stuff will be updated here...unless we get lazy and stop doing it.  I mean come on, you can't expect us to be on here all the time, can you?  Really? Well okay, whatever,  we'll try and stay on top of it as much as possible, if we fail, sorry, we're only fucking human alright?


Sometime back in January we decided to give Patreon a shot and allow folks a chance to pledge us money for doing something we were already doing anyway.  I admittedly had no concept of what exactly it was that we could offer would-be supporters.  I had no idea what we would do with the money.  I also had no vision for an ultimate goal.  To be honest the whole thing has just been awkward and uncomfortable.  Which is why I have decided to end the campaign (Or at least try, this shit is harder to close than a Facebook account.  You literally have to search for it in "help" and send an email to them, while staring at a message that says "NO! PLEASE DON'T GO"...the fuck?)


Yes, there was this grand idea that we would use the donations to fund give-aways and merchandise for guests who appeared on our show, or even the supporters themselves.  All of these were great ideas that we were very excited about.  We appreciate those of you who so generously put up your plastic to send us monthly recurring denominations of money.  It was a nice show of faith, and did not go un-noticed.  


The closure of our Patreon account does not reflect on us feeling that the campaign was a failure.  We aren’t throwing up our hands in frustration, as if some predetermined goal had not been met.  The campaign just does not make sense for us.  We tried something, and we have simply decided that it is not our bag (baby).  Here are some reasons why.


We are podcasters.  We also enjoy podcasts.  The allure of podcasting for us is that it is a free medium.  I believe that when something exists without a required monetary gain, it is simply being fuelled by passion.  That is such a unique dynamic in a world that is built on trying to jam a fucking ad in every pause break.  Yes, there are those who get paid advertising.  Yes, there are those who are paid by networks.  And yes, there are those who will continue to strive to make podcasting their primary source of income.  All of these exist and that’s great.  That just isn’t “us”.  We do this because we love it.  We will continue to do this because we love it.  We want to make EHAP as good as it can possibly be.  I just don’t feel that Patreon support is really helping us in the long run, and I think there are better alternatives for us that I will mention near the end of this self righteous dissertation.


I know there are some of you who may feel that Patreon grants the ability for "fans" to donate to something they love.  I know that some of you feel that it is a great way for you to show your support, and “not have to see us working for free”.  The truth is, we don’t see this as work.  If for some reason we are your favourite podcast and we are somehow robbing you of the ability to show your support, please donate to your second or third favourite podcast instead.  In the end it still supports podcasting, and you will kind of still be doing it in our honour (gross, I’m sickened that I actually wrote that).  If you really insist on supporting us then please go to our TeePublic store and buy a t-shirt instead.  The money will still go back into give-aways and swag for guests, and at least then we will actually feel like you are receiving something tangible for your money.  I’ll have an easier time sleeping at night knowing that.


Lastly, I just want to say, that this is not a dig at podcasts who use Patreon.  I think there are people who have great ideas and know how to use it.  We’re dumb, and do not.  <—see, does that sentence even make sense?  I don’t know, I’m too dumb to tell.  (I also used, way, too, many, commas in this thing).  Bryon and I have some wonderful ideas that we are currently working on.  We will continue to play around with all sorts of concepts for entertaining people, and bringing in more listeners/subscribers/stalkers.  We plan on being around for a while, and look forward to interacting with you and winning you over with our charisma and manly physiques.  We have met so many great podcasters and so many great listeners, and that will continue to be the greatest reward for us (get it? Reward! As in Patreon has rewards!  I tied it all together in the, end)


Thanks again,