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How to be better: One assholes opinion.

It seems lately I have had this inner monologue involving how to get better.  It's not always an easy question to ask yourself, as it implies that you are not living up to your full potential.  It's an even harder question to answer.

Podcasting for most, is something that involves a lot of growth and personal development.  Even those who claim they just "hit record and go" all know what I am talking about.  There is a perpetual drive to always be better than your last episode.  There is an urge to continually raise the bar a little every time that mic turns on.  

In the one year that I have been podcasting I have found—for myself—that the key is simplicity.  Rather than over analyzing my every move.  I have now started to just sit back and live in the moment.  It's amazing how much more clear your mind becomes when you remove the burden of pressure from yourself.  It's easy to become your own worst enemy when you distance yourself from who you actually are, in favour of becoming what you think people want you to be.  Personally I have found it far easier and far more interesting to stay true to myself and just let go of any outside influences.  It's like they say, "it's easier to remember the truth, than it is to remember a lie".  With that said I think I have identified one of my enemies, and so now I will move on to another.


I remember when Bryon and I first started podcasting.  We were both instantly amazed by the support and outreach from other podcaster's.  It was as if we had stumbled upon some "social media utopia".  I remember thinking "There is really no ego in podcasting".  After thirteen months of doing this, I have to amend that statement—partially for my own transgressions.  

There is a tremendous amount of ego in podcasting.  It's just not something recognizable from the surface.  Once you sink deeper into the community, you see it.  Whether it's failing to acknowledge someone else's success.  Or questioning how someone else does their show.  Or boasting about download numbers—it all stems from ego—and it should.  

When you create something with your own two hands, there is an attachment that you develop.  You nurture it and you hope to see it thrive.  When the growth becomes a plateau or a drop, it's easy to turn on yourself or others.  Ego is healthy to a degree.  It should be used as a fuel source to do better.  It should not cloud your judgement from accepting constructive criticism, or seeing someone else's point of view.  It should not feed jealousy and ill will towards others.  Always remember that you are ultimately in control of your own destiny.  You decide whether adversity becomes a spring board or a hurdle.  I believe to truly enjoy success, you must also be able to appreciate the success of others around you.  You should remain close to those who are at that level that you also aspire to be at.  Learn from those ahead of you, and lend a hand to those behind you.  Enjoy your own success, and be a part of someone else's.  That way, In the end everyone truly succeeds.