Part one, of a two part whatever...


Look at me—being all active on our website and stuff.  Lately I feel like I have been doing more writing than talking—at least in regards to my social media life.  With the stock plummeting steadily on our recent Christmas Special, I can say with absolution that it has been our most successful release to date.  All of the work that was put into it has paid off!  If I were to quit podcasting today, I would be very happy with what we have accomplished in the span of a (an?) hundred weeks.  It has been quite a journey so far.  It wasn't always easy, but it was never NOT fun.  

The podcasting community we have met along the way has been stellar.  The guests we've had on have been superb.  The listener outreach has been minimal, sporadic, and entirely appreciated.  Having someone reach out to say anything in any capacity is easily the greatest reward in podcasting (Second only to money, obviously).  It's probably the most underrated part of doing this.  Think about it!  In podcasting, you are stepping onto a worlds stage and you're basically panhandling for listenership, against a growing mass of people competing for the very same thing.  Add the fact you are doing this on a place (the internet) that is plump full of advertising for TV, music, film, video games, pornography, products, drugs, articles, quizzes, clickbait, news, politics, hatred, trolling, nip slips, Fappenings, memes, and of course cat pictures.  Everything/Everywhere/Anytime is in a constant state of being this ever-evolving, shapeshifting, algorithm based, learning, screaming at the exact formulaic pitch required, billboard—desperately vying for your attention.  Against those odds, it's a miracle to grab the attention of another person, and draw them into—of all things—a podcast?  It never really feels real to me.  At the best of times I feel as though there is some elaborate rouse afoot.  But then I realize that I too have slowly gravitated towards listening to podcasts as well, and for good reason.

After some brief self analysis, I could start to see why others would as well.  There is something organic and real about podcasting.  There's a simplicity that is lost in many other mediums.  There's an overall realness to it that is sorely lacking elsewhere.  Podcasts—specifically "Indy podcasts"—are not trying to sell me anything.  They are not pandering for some corporate standards and practices committee.  They aren't worrying about financials, or market share, or consumer trends, or salable advertising space.  They are simply selling themselves.  More accurately "we" are giving ourselves away.  At no cost.  We live for a currency of word of mouth advertising, and general feedback.  At the very least, silent listenership will suffice.  There's a purity to it all.  It's why I love both podcasts, and podcasting equally.  It scratches an itch for me no matter which side of the microphone I'm on (<--heh).  

So where was I? Oh yeah, the wait.  That's not it.  Oh, yes, US!  Now, I realize I've already done a big write up thing on our 100th episode, that is NOT out at the moment.  In fact, we haven't even recorded it yet.  The truth is, we're not entirely sure what to do at this point.  As much as I have enjoyed podcasting, I also love it to a fault.  That fault being that I refuse to release something that I am not happy with (Yeah, all self deprecation aside, I have been happy with all of our episodes at one point or another).  I just know when I'm not happy with something in the moment, that there is probably a reason and I need to go with my gut and strive to do better.  Better is always the goal.  Believe me when I say that the fact I have created something that I love as much as I do astounds the shit out of me and my "innermost worst critic".  So, as of now we plan to release our 100th episode in the very near future.  I hope it wraps a nice little bow around everything we have done thus far.  As for the future of EHAP, I am very undecided as to what will happen going forward.  Not trying to be overdramatic or cryptic, that's just where I'm at right now.  So expect a new episode from us soon.  I will keep you posted about what is to come afterwards.