Written Things

Find out what is going on with us at any given time.  All podcast related stuff will be updated here...unless we get lazy and stop doing it.  I mean come on, you can't expect us to be on here all the time, can you?  Really? Well okay, whatever,  we'll try and stay on top of it as much as possible, if we fail, sorry, we're only fucking human alright?

Thinking about 'you'.

Hey, listener(s), its Adam here.  Just wanted to give a big round of thanks to all of you who have hit that subscribe button in iTunes. Bryon and I are pretty stoked to see that our numbers are continuing to climb.  We are also both excited to bring you some new and exciting content in the not to distant future.  It's a long road to get something like off the ground, and have it put together successfully, and I'm not exactly sure where we are on that road.  I know the audio is continuing to improve through post production editing.  We are also looking into some higher grade equipment.  Also, I am going through the process of converting our first three casts into a format that will allow playback on Android and Blackberry devices.  As I have mentioned before, we are awaiting a response from Stitcher Radio as well to get the podcast out to more potential listeners.  Stay tuned as we continue to feed this beast.