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What is #PodernFamily?

So what is #PodernFamily?

        So recently this question has been asked by a few people on Twitter.  What is #PodernFamily about?  It’s no surprise that when you get anything trending with the word “Pod” or anything pertaining to podcasting, that inevitably some questions will arise.  So in an effort to answer this question, I will start from the beginning, without droning on too much.


    The idea basically started as an idea between a small group of podcasts, to help promote a band.  We had all been gathered in this small little Twitter chat, thinking of different ideas for cross promoting each others podcasts, as well as any special guests that make appearances.  Before long this idea became more broad—a small network based on retweeting each others episodes on a regular basis.  Something simple and self policed.  As the old snowball analogy goes, the idea grew both larger and faster from that point, eventually getting its own name…and a logo…and a Google drive document…and spin off group…and so on.  After the initial burst of retweets within this group, we all noticed that the hashtag was beginning to trend.  A litany of queries and comments began rolling in from other podcasters.  Some asking what it was.  Some asking if they could join.  And others who just began adopting the hashtag for their own podcasts.  The initial chat also grew in size.  At one point with multiple conversations and ideas all going on at once.  The whole thing seemed very muddled and convoluted for a while, before things began to level off back to normal.  


    Currently things are going very well.  There are still many ideas, and plans being put in to place within #PodernFamily.  However, the initial idea still remains—an open forum of support for podcasting.  A group that is worth more than the sum of its parts.  A place to share jokes.  A place to share ideas.  A place to promote.  And a place to grow—together.


    Let’s get to one of the reasons why I have chosen to write this diatribe.  Very recently, we have had a small bit of negative attention towards our small group.  A podcast going by the name of Well Wishers (@WellWishers on Twitter) has made it clear that they are not the biggest fans of the name and/or group of podcasts.  They have chosen to brand us as bro-dogs, or dog-bros, or something of that nature (excuse my poor journalistic integrity here, I haven't given myself the chance to listen to the episode in which they talked about us.  I have simply compiled multiple claims that corroborate as the basis for this paragraph).  Anyway,  a couple members of our group #PodernFamily replied to a tweet put out by @WellWishers stating that they did not hold our groups name in high regard.  Along with it they included a link to their podcast as to entice us to hear exactly what they had to say (Two or three of us took the bait, possibly doubling their average audience size, ahem…sorry).  So as a group we decided to just laugh the whole thing off and embrace it as “Yay, we have haters”.  Perhaps a better approach than giving it any iota of actual sincerity.  Although, if I am being forthright, I am guilty of throwing my own barbs their way for a little while, almost to the point of responding to some dude whose podcast artwork was a Google image of a Sasquatch.  So, to reiterate why I have chosen to write this dissertation, it is simply to say this.


    We have a great group of podcasts.  There are a lot of great people within the group.  We are always looking for like-minded individuals to help this thing grow.  We are not a cult, or a club, or an elitist group of podcast snobs.  We are simply a group of people who LOVE podcasting, and are enjoying the mutual benefits of working together as a group.  Let’s face it, as an individual, when the mic is off, its hard to find people in your everyday life who really enjoy talking about podcasting.  We all share that commonality of having spouses, boy/girlfriends, friends, or co-workers who are apathetic towards our hobby.  To have a group of people in any forum—be it the internet or otherwise—is a great thing to have.  So whether you like us, love us, hate us, or are simply ambivalent, it makes no difference to us.  Our group is here, and we will continue to do what we love, simply because we love doing it.


Adam - EHAP