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Everyone Has A Podcast

Everyone Has A Podcast also called EHAP, began in February of 2015 and is hosted by long time pals Bryon and Adam.  The show began based on the two hosts love of other radio shows and podcasts.  Most early recordings were done from the inside of a pickup truck using a basic USB microphone.  Over the last couple of years the shows have been recorded in Grande Cache, Alberta at EHAP studios (also referred to as Bryon's garage, and also seldom called EHAP studios).  The show has met several friends along the way and is proud to be a part of #PodernFamily on Twitter.  Highlights for the show have included two production heavy Christmas specials, guest interviews with Emmy Award winning Simpsons writer and F is for Family co-creator Michael Price, a one hour interview with Last Comic Standing finalist and prolific comedian Ian Bagg, as well as a recent interview with Vaultry frontman Leith Hynds.  New episodes are up every Thursday.  You can subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Play, TuneIn, Spreaker, Podbean, or follow us on the Laughable app.  We would love to hear from you.  You can reach us on Twitter @EHAPpodcast, Facebook, Instagram, or email us at


Everyone Has A Podcast Host Adam.

Everyone Has A Podcast Host Adam.

Hi, I'm Adam co-host of Everyone Has A Podcast.  A bit about myself. I'm first and foremost a huge fan of comedy.  Comedians make my world go round.  Growing up, I have been a fan of Louie CK, Chris Rock, Dave Chapelle, Bill Burr, Robert Kelly, Mitch Hedberg, Dave Attell, Doug Stanhope, Amy Schumer, Jim Norton, Maria Bamford, Patton Oswalt, and many, many others.  I also enjoy listening to podcasts and radio shows.  Some of my favourites hosts are Ron Bennington (#Bennington, Ron and Fez), Anthony Cumia (The Anthony Cumia Show, Opie and Anthony), Jim Norton (Jim and Sam, Opie and Anthony), Bill Burr (The Monday Morning Podcast), Joe Rogan (really do I have to explain?), Nick (Epic Film Guys), Emily (The Story Behind), Mat (One Word, Go! Show), and many (x3) more.  I love getting behind the microphone every week to podcast.  I'm usually goosing around, and sometimes give my real opinion on things, though that is usually a rarity.  I just want to have fun and do a silly meaningless show to entertain whoever is willing to listen.  Feel free to reach out to me personally @AdamDotNet on Twitter.  I also manage all of the shows social media, so you can also get at me by tweeting @EHAPpodcast.  



Love Adam.


I am he, who is mentioned above. I am a fan of laughing, and all things that I think are funny... Sucking for Pogs... I started listening to podcasts to keep up with Opie and Anthony, and eventually found the Powerful Joe Rogan Experience. I've taken a lot of inspiration from that guy, and haven't missed one of his 3 hour episodes in over a year. Other Podcasts I would recommend are the same as Adam's, plus RadioLab, and Ten Minute Podcast. I know Adam doesn't want this out there, because it makes a terrifying commitment from a possibility into a reality, but we are going to try our hand at Stand-up... I want to record it, and tear it apart on the show... Let's see how this goes. We have a thing now...

Everyone Has A Podcast Co-Host Bryon.

Everyone Has A Podcast Co-Host Bryon.

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For questions involving guest bookings please contact us through email at Be sure to also check out our Store for show related apparel and accessories.  Everyone Has A Podcast is created and produced by Bryon and Adam.  The website, t-shirts, artwork, and social media is all us.  We love when listeners reach out, and we especially love reaching back.  The biggest thing you can do for our show is to tell a friend, or leave us a review on ApplePodcasts or Google Play.  Thanks for reading this sentence.  The End?