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Welcome to our website.  You can listen to all of our archived episodes here, although the built in media played is about as responsive as someone receiving an actual phone call in 2017.  We are a comedy podcast that discusses today's current events, while avoiding the stuff that gets beaten into the ground by the other five zillion podcasts listed under 'Comedy".  The comedic approach of this show comes naturally from Adam's inability to be serious, balanced against Bryon's natural "straight man" vibe.  We hope you enjoy the show!

Kiesha Mastrodimos

This weekend, on an EHAP special, Bryon sits down with Kiesha, a local girl who was in a collision with a moose, that left her paralyzed. 

Grabbin' a two-four

In this episode the boys discuss "National Brenda Day", indigenous people, meeting Mat, and getting your dream guy or girl. All this and more right here!

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Bee Syrup

This week Bryon and Adam discuss people who are way too into horses, bee keeping, and eating like a piggy-boy.

Nobody does that!

Bryon and Adam are joined by Mat of the two time award winning, One Word GO! Show.  We discuss the fact that you can find Mat's show at www.onewordgoshow.com.  We also talk about being stranded in a desert verses the open seas. We discuss all of the events of the week, and also talk about messing around with strangers.


This week Bryon and Adam defy the odds and slap together a great episode during a very busy week.  The duo talk about running a dream business, street fight videos, and old school toys.

Brought to you by Lyft

In this episode Bryon and Adam discuss some comedy news, car services, and how bad weather makes people sad. They are also joined by a surprise guest!

Bryon is Autistic

This week Bryon and Adam are joined by fellow podcaster and friend, Matt, of the One Word GO! Show.  Matt plays mariage ref to Bryon and Adam's struggling relationship. The guys talk about fighting, and making mortal enemies throughout their lives.


In this weeks episode, Adam is joined only by Chris.  The two discuss the recent Super Bowl, the great outdoors, and the worlds largest reality game show!

Edmonton back pages dot com

Bryon and Adam are joined by Edmonton's own Mat, host of the One Word GO! Show. Bryon tells a story about finding his friend a prostitute.  The gang discusses claw machine sex toys, and Mat's crazy road through podcasting. Find the One Word GO! Show at onewordgoshow.com.  Submit a word, and be a part of the show!

Leith of Vaultry

Adam gets stuck at work and Chris is left to fill in.  Chris and Bryon sit down with Vautry lead singer, Leith.  Vaultry is an Alt Rock band based out of Victoria, British Columbia.  You can check out their latest album 'Eulogy' at vaultry.bandcamp.com.  The album is also available on iTunes and Google Play.  Be sure to check out their website www.vaultrymusic.ca for upcoming tour dates across Canada as well as merchandise and band information.  You can follow the band on Twitter @vaultymusic as well as on Instagram @vaultry.

EHAP Cooking Special: 3 Cocks In A Pot


It's the very first episode of the EHAP Cooking Special!  Adam sits down with Nick of the Epic Film Guys Podcast and David the Producer of the Unwritable Rant Podcast.  The trio discuss the ins and outs of home cooking, as well as kitchen fails, kitchen tricks, and some deep recipe analysis.  Pull up a seat and leave hungry.


David's Vaca Frita (Fried Cow)

Servers 4 (or 2 really hungry people)

•    2 lbs flank steak
•    2 onions
•    1 teaspoon salt
•    6 cloves of garlic
•    1 bay leaf
•    1 teaspoon cumin
•     juice of 3 limes
•    2 tablespoons sunflower seed oil

Simple Instructions:
1.    Put 2 quarts of water in a pot. Add bay leaf, the 2 onions (large chopped), salt, and 3 cloves of garlic (smashed)
2.    When the water boils, cringe, grit your teeth, and drop the whole flank steak in the water and cook for 30 minutes
3.    Fish the grey chunk of steak out and place onto a cutting board.
4.    When cooled, shred it with a fork… this build character.
5.    In a large bowl, mix the lime juice, cumin, remaining garlic (finely minced) and shredded beef. Give a few tosses.
6.    Heat a large skillet (high heat), add the oil. When hot, add the beef mixture and mix until crispy brown.
7.    Serve immediately in corn tortillas… feel free to add chopped fresh cilantro.
8.    Also serve with a tequila. Hell yeah.


Nick's Steamed Clams

•  16 oz pale ale (locally brewed)
•  50 count littleneck clams
•  8-10 cloves garlic
•  fresh basil (about two cups of loose basil leaves)
•  One lemon
•  salt (to taste)
•  pepper (to taste)
•  1 stick of butter

1.  Scrub & clean the clams. Leave clams in a sink full of cold water w/ pepper for around an hour.

2.  Pour beer into a large skillet (I used a 13" deep wall skillet). Heat on medium heat.

3.  Add fresh garlic (minced)

4.  Add basil.

5.  Add salt & pepper.

6.  Zest lemon, then halve and juice both halves into the broth.

7.  Let boil and let the flavors come together for about five minutes.

8.  Add clams to the broth. Add stick of butter on the top and cover.

9.  Steam for 20 minutes until clams are all opened. Discard any clams that did not open. Serve and enjoy!!!


Adam's Italian Sausage and Peppers


•  2 lbs of Hot Italian sausage links (from a butcher or Italian market)
•  3 Sweet Bell peppers (Red, Yellow, Orange, or any mix of the three) sliced thinly.
•  2 16 oz cans of San Marzano Tomatoes
•  5 Cloves of Garlic, minced
•  1/4 Cup of freshly grated Parmigiano Reggiano cheese
•  1 Tbsp of dried basil (or a quarter cup of fresh)
•  1 Tsp oregano
•  2 Tbsp Olive oil
•  1/4 Tsp Brown Sugar
•  Salt and Pepper to taste
•  3 Cups of dry Penne Pasta


1.  Heat Olive oil in heavy bottomed Frying pan or skillet on medium high heat.

2.  When oil becomes loose, add Italian sausages one by one, letting them fall away from you.

3.  Allow sausages to get nice brown color before turning them.  Use the sides of the frying pan or skillet to help cook the sides of the Sausages.

4.  When the sausages feel slightly firm, remove them from the pan with kitchen tongs, and transfer them to a cutting board.Slice sausages with a knife into small medallions at about half an inch thickness.  The sausages may appear pink to slightly raw through the middle, but this is okay as you will be transferring them into the frying pan again.

5.  Continue to cook sausages until a nice color has been achieved on either side of the pieces. Don't be afraid of the little bits sticking to the pan, as this will add to the overall flavour of the finished product.

6.  Once the Sausages are nicely browned transfer them to a plate and allow them to rest, keeping your skillet on medium heat.

7.  Add the minced garlic and allow it to sweat out for 2 minutes.With clean hands, strain and separate the juices from the tomatoes, and pour the juices into a bowl. By hand, crush the tomatoes into the skillet, and then add the juices. Bring to a boil and add the sliced bell peppers.

8.  Turn heat down to a slow simmer and allow the sauce to reduce and thicken.

9.  Bring a large well salted pot of water to a boil and cook Penne paste until el dente.

10.  Add the basil and oregano and the 1/4 Tsp of brown sugar.

11.  Add the sausage back into the sauce and sprinkle the with the fresh Parmigiano- Reggiano, and season to taste with sea salt and cracked pepper.

12.  Add the Penne to sauce and roll it through. Plate and serve with some more of that delicious Parmigiano, and some fresh cracked pepper if desired.